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Eastern philosophy is a general term referring to philosophical perceptions and practices common to the people of south and east Asia. These can be religious practices, or just a set of widely accepted rules of how a person should relate to himself, to the society, and to the universe. These philosophies are often reflected through physical training and exercises, utilizing the state of mind of the follower to improve his mental and physical health.

In recent decades, Eastern Philosophy has gained popularity in the West. Being an anti-thesis to the fast-paced life of modern times, Eastern philosophy is seen as a remedy to the over-exhaustion imposed by the ever going race which is part of western 21st century existence. Terms such as Feng-Shui, meditation, Tai-Chi, or even reference to Chi, are all familiar through societies that have very little in common with those civilizations these concepts have evolved in. The newly-adopted perception (in the West) of the correlation between mind and body have led to those ancient practices, and others, to be exercised by millions in the West.

Join us on these hand-picked journeys to trace the origins of these beliefs and practices, to understand the social background on which they have evolved, practice them with modern day masters, join the people in the parks and city squares as they engage in such activities, and indulge in a world where there is very little distinction between exercise time, and everyday life.

monks @Luangprabang

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The Lao New Year on 4th April, 2019

This trip is designed around the Lao New Year’s celebrations at Luang Prabang- the ancient Lao capital. Howeve…


  • Practice with masters
  • Ancient temples
  • Deep knowledge of Eastern philosophy
monks @Luangprabang

14 Days In Laos, Cambodia

Laos, Cambodia

  • Asian Delights
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