Spice it up

Spice it up

A compilation of selected journeys that go deep into Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine is known for its unique flavours, use of fresh ingredients and spices, and wholistic balance of tastes. Food in Asia plays a big role in religious and folk traditions, with special dishes prepared and served on unique occasions, usually with a symbolic meaning to them.

Unlike many other food-oriented trips, these trips are not just about cooking-classes, but also about visiting rural areas where fresh produce are cropped. We make sure we include some sightseeing in the countries' most prominent sites, to get a wider comprehension of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country and its people, and how these are reflected in the simple, yet so rich food we will taste and cook during these trips.

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  • Cooking classes with local chefs
  • Street food
  • Food markets full of fresh produce
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13 Days In Vietnam


  • Themed Trips
  • Asian Delights
  • Food
  • Culture

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