Asia Hiking Trips

Designed for true adventures, our hiking tours in Asia would mostly consist of multiple consecutive trekking days. Trekking is probably the best way to indulge in Asia's beautiful natural wonders. Away from civilization, mostly in remote mountain ranges, in terrain not accessible to vehicles, we encounter pristine natural phenomena and the tranquil beauty of a variety of landscapes and environments, from sub-arctic to sub-tropic.

Treks vary between 10-30 km per day, and the nights will be spent in mountain huts, homestays, and/or bush camping. We provide as many logistical services as each country and region allows. Some of our Asia hiking trips are led just by our trekking guides (mostly where infrastructure is better developed), whilst others are fully-supported, including porters and/or pack animals, and an entire kitchen team who cook our meals on the spot.

So for all of you true nature lovers, who are willing to rough it up, prepare your gear and join us on a variety of uniquely designed treks.

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Trekking by Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia on 1st June, 2020

Recommended Dates: Beginning of June to late mid-September. You could either choose to join one of our sched…


  • Pristine nature
  • Away from civilization
  • The ultimate active vacation
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14 Days In Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

  • Active Adventures
  • Trekking
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