The rise and fall of the Khmer Empire


More than 30 years after the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia is slowly recovering from its wounds. This glorious nation reached its peak during the time of the Khmer Empire (9th to 15th century). In the late 19th century, Cambodia became part of the French protectorate in the Indochina peninsula, and was even part of the Japanese theatre of war during World War II. Today it is a constitutional monarchy and one of the poorest countries in eastern Asia.

Cambodia lies on the Gulf of Thailand and much of its coastline is a long, serene stretch of beach. In the north of the country live hospitable villagers, and in the center lies Tonle Sap, the country’s largest lake, which is an important inland fishery and has excellent agricultural land around it because of the seasonally reversing flow of water between the lake and the Mekong River. The highlight of Cambodia, and a source of great national pride, is the grandiose temples scattered around the Angkor complex, a remainder of the great Khmer-dominated Angkor Empire. These marvelous temples and shrines were built to symbolize the sheer power of the kings of the time and are a combination of Buddhist and Hindu architecture. With the end of the long years of war, isolation and cruelty, Cambodia today offers travelers from all over the world a glimpse into its unique culture and history.

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