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Food Tours

Food Tours

These carefully selected Asia food tours were made to delight those wishing to explore Asian culinary. From simple meal that we share in the homes of the locals, to more classic meals, all the way through to special dishes for festivals and events.

Our Asia food tours combine some of the must-see sites of Asia, but focus mainly on the long chain of food supply, from harvesting fresh produce in fields, vegetable plots, rivers and lakes, through market visits, cooking classes, and all the way to meals in specialty restaurants, highlighting unique dishes of the regions traveled through.

Asian cuisine is known for its unique flavors, use of fresh ingredients and spices, and wholistic balance of tastes. Food in Asia plays a big role in religious and folk traditions, with special dishes prepared and served on unique occasions, usually with a symbolic meaning to them. Unlike many other food-oriented trips, our Asia food tours are not just about cooking-classes, but also about visiting rural areas where fresh produce are cropped. We make sure we include some sightseeing in the countries' most prominent sites, to get a wider comprehension of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country and its people, and how these are reflected in the simple, yet so rich food we will taste and cook during these trips.

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