Once upon a time, a furious dragon spat out a huge amount of water. As the land started to dry, some brown water made a channel and flowed to the horizon. Out of the mud on the banks, the first people evolved and they called the river Me Kong: the ‘big mother’. The country was referred to later as ‘the land of the Mekong’. Today we know it as Laos or the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Following the Vietnam War, it is also known to be the most heavily bombed country in the world. While the majority of the countries in Southeast Asia are developing and opening their frontiers to Westerners, it seems that Laos is still a riddle in the Asian jigsaw. The French colonialists may have best described Laos when they ruled Indochina: “The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow, and the Lao listen to the pace of its growth”. In many ways, a trip to Laos is a trip to the ‘lost East’. Laos resembles how Thailand looked some 50 years ago. Today, after years of isolation from the outer world, Laos is slowly opening up and allowing visitors to explore its hidden secrets.

Laos is now putting extra effort into its tourism by decreasing the environmental and cultural impact of tourism, providing a source of income to its people, sustaining cultural heritage sites.

As a result, tourism in Laos is growing fast with the help of its diverse tradition and culture, frank and friendly people. In many provinces, one can get off the beaten track and book Laos tour package to experience the real village life, trek or visit a city of temples. Our highly sophisticated Laos tour package offer you a beautiful experience as they celebrate their New Year from April 13 – 16.

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The Lao New Year on 4th April, 2020

This trip is designed around the Lao New Year’s celebrations at Luang Prabang- the ancient Lao capital. Howeve…


  • Probably Asia's most hospitable people
  • Rural lifestyle that retains charming simplicity
  • Inviting indulgence into ancient traditions
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17 Days In China, Vietnam, Laos

China, Vietnam, Laos

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14 Days In Laos, Cambodia

Laos, Cambodia

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