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11 Days In Bhutan

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Bhutan is a secluded and mysterious kingdom hidden up amidst the Himalayas’ towering peaks. This exciting Bhutan...

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We are a travel company with more than 15 years of experience in creating private & custom adventure tours in Asia for small groups and individuals. Let us make a special private tour for you. We know you'll never again travel Asia any other way.

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Tibet Private Tour Nepal Private Tour China Prvate Tour Tashilumphu

13 Days In China & Nepal

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A unique private tour through the Tibetan Plateau, commonly known as the Roof of the World, during the time the...

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Asia Private Tours & Travels

As the largest and most populous continent of the world, Asia comprises of many interesting and diverse countries to travel through. Naturally, it is incredibly biodiverse with wide range of wildlife and plants. Among these are the illusive snow leopards, the panda, the Asian elephant and the only remaining wild horse still galloping through its natural habitat in northern Asia. Historically, the continent has seen the fall and rise of the greatest civilizations and empires that ever existed on Earth, such as the Mongol Empire, various Chinese dynasties, the Tibetan Empire, the  Korean Empires, the Khmer Empire that left us with the breathtaking Angkor Temples, and many more. Culturally, Asian countries are the birthplace of many religions. Its people practice Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam and Shamanism and new forms are constantly evolved, based on the elaborate Eastern Philosophy

Our Asian countries tour packages will take you to some of the best destinations in the region: The Gobi Desert in Mongolia, The Yangtse River in China, The Himalayas in Tibet and Bhutan, and the Mekong river of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Your once-in-a-lifetime vacations in Asia is all here.Asian adventure trips will allow you to experience this vast continent up-close. Whether you choose to hike, ride or raft, Asian adventure trips have it all for you.

From the beautiful beaches in Ngapali in Myanmar, the tropical islands of Thailand and the islands off mainland Vietnam and Cambodia, to trekking trips at the foot of the Everest, Asia has something to offer to any avid traveler.

Our cultural tours in Asia are carefully designed to explore the variety of cultures and peoples inhabiting the diverse continent of Asia, with a special focus on getting a true understanding of their distinctive ways of life and their unique culinary traditions. Our custom tours through Asia will allow you to see the ‘behind the scenes’ Asia, mingle with the locals, and smell, taste and experience Asia like never before. 


designed to put you in center & customizable to your needs!