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About Trips@Asia

With 20 years of adventures throughout East Asia, and thousands of happy travelers that continue traveling with us again and again, we, at Trips@Asia specialize in creating custom and private adventure tours for individuals, families and small groups.

In our 20 years of operation, we rarely ran the same trip twice! We simply don’t believe in off-the-shelf-tours. Each of our tours is carefully designed to address the requests, expectations and needs of our travelers. We don’t run the business from the office, but keep on exploring the region, looking for unique, off-the-beaten-track destinations, learn about new lodging facilities and travel opportunities, and discover regions that have just been recently opened for travelers.

With ever growing travel solutions in our toolbox, we are able to tailor the right tour to each of our travelers, adding the right twist to make the tour perfectly fit and meet their expectations.

We have deliberately chosen to focus on only one region, and not expand our operations to neighboring countries, despite such request being made again and again by our loyal travelers, to take them on journeys beyond our region of expertise.

We believe that in order to put together a fantastic tour, one should have an intimate knowledge of the region he operates in, and have a comprehensive understanding of the historical, cultural and geographical contexts to offer tours that are not restricted to geopolitical borders, but offer tours following a theme, even if it spans over different countries and regions.

We invite you to try us out. Write us about your next travel destination, let us know what is important to you, and we would happily and carefully weave your next Asian adventure to accommodate everything you want to see and do.

Why Travel With Us?

We know our stuff: The office staff in charge of planning your trip, answering your questions, and overseeing operations, all have extensive experience leading their own expeditions throughout Asia. You will never deal with administrative staff or "reservation specialists"!

We feel we are among the few lucky ones that do every day, the whole day, what we are passionate about- weaving dreams into trips that materialize.

We handle everything personally. Large travel companies take your booking and forward your information to a ground handler. When you work with Trips@Asia you will be dealing directly with those who make the logistics for the trip. We do not have call center staff, a reservations department, or an operations department. We make sure it will be only one person that works with you in planning your trip, and then overseeing operations, so you can be sure of getting first hand information and personal service from the first email all the way to the last day of your trip.


The trips keep exceeding my expectations. I travel alone and I like the freedom of custom made itineraries which the expert staff seem to know instinctively, will whet my appetite for adventure.

Read the full testimony of Dr. Krishan Kumar.

Dr. Krishan Kumar, Singapore

Li Yongsheng (Teddy)

Teddy has been working with us since his graduation in 2010. A passionate traveler by nature, Teddy is a keen hiker and loves to cycle wherever he travels.

Teddy’s passion is reflected throughout all our trips to China. From uniquely designed trips catering to special interests, all the way to the better known tour routes, and adding to these personal touches and a bit of spice.

On top of his enjoyment from designing and overseeing our trips in China, Teddy just loves to interact and learn from our travelers, providing him with insight into different cultures and perspectives about life and travel.


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