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Nepal delights including Indra Jatra Festival on 12th August, 2021

Enjoy this Nepal private tour of luxurious trekking through the foot of the mighty Annapurna. Track wildlife i…


Widely known as the trekking capital of the world, Nepal, home to some of the world’s highest peaks, has indeed a wide range of thrilling treks to offer. But other than hard-core treks to the Himalayas, Nepal offers less extreme, yet not less fascinating travel experiences on various Nepal Private tours.

Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal, but with the majority of the population being Hindus, the country has evolved over the years some sort of fusion between Buddhism and Hinduism, bringing a unique and extremely colorful cultural influences.

The country is extremely varied, with wildlife roaming the secluded nature reserves, the landscapes of the Himalayas, and the cities buzzing with small-scale traders which gives them the feel of huge, colorful markets. It is also dotted with historical sites, testimony to different times when it was divided into small warring kingdoms which left for generations to come magnificent architectural wonders. The devastating earthquake of April 2015 has left its scars throughout the country and caused serious damages to some of these ancient structures. However, these has been carefully restored to bring back their ages old glory. Nevertheless, the country, heavily relying on tourism, needs the support of international travelers to overcome the aftereffects of this tremendous event. Tourism is the biggest source of income and revenue in Nepal. Having eight of the ten highest mountains in the world and the Buddhist and Hindu heritages, Nepal private tours will delight adventure and spiritual experience seekers alike.

Nepal Private Tours

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