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Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival


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Taiwan private tour to the country’s diverse culture, rich and complex history, and pristine nature. The trip is perfectly timed to coincide with Pingxi sky lantern festival, when tens of thousands of Taiwanese come together to celebrate and release lanterns in a wish for a better year to come.

Trip dates indicated below are chosen in order to attend the Pingxi Lantern Festival. However, this Taiwan private tour can be taken in different times throughout the year (without attending the festival, of course), and we would love to arrange a Taiwan private tour at any time for your convenience. The regions visited throughout this trip offer amazing sights and great hiking trails at different times throughout the year, each season with its own unique characteristics.

Recommended dates for Taiwan private tour: Both spring (March to May) and late autumn (October-November) are the best times to visit Taiwan. The summer (June-September) is often the time when typhoons hitting hard on the island and best be avoided. Winter, though less popular, can be great time to explore Taiwan with cooler temperatures.




  • Dinner

Arrive in Taoyuan Airport, the largest airport in Taiwan, to embark on this exciting Taiwan private tour. Upon arrival, and after the unavoidable immigration formalities, meet the local guide and take the one-hour drive to the city of Taipei, the national Taiwanese capital since 1886. After checking into the hotel, drive to one of the many night markets Taipei is famous for to join the locals as they enjoy local delicacies amidst stall selling anything from fresh fruits and cellphones, to cheap shoes and clothes. Then drive to a local restaurant for a welcome dinner before setting in the hotel for a first night in Taiwan.


  • Breakfast

Begin the day at the monument built to commemorate the father of the modern Taiwanese nation- Chiang Kai-Shek. The General’s complex life story reflects in many ways China’s turbulent history in the first half of the 20th century. Here, in the monument built on the scale of some of the most iconic tombs known to mankind, the story of General Chiang, and of China at the turn of the century are intertwined and displayed in a graphic and most comprehensible way. Then continue to the National Palace Museum- probably the world’s best museum of Chinese ancient art. The museum exhibits a collection of artifacts which were owned by the Chinese Imperial dynasties. When Chinag Kai-Shek realized he was losing his rule over China, he ordered for trunks of these priceless items to be shipped to the island of Taiwan, to which he, his army and supporters retreated as China was taken by the Communist party. From here take to Shake Street, a small and trendy market offering plethora of local snacks on a narrow alley packed with local restaurants amid small trade booths. From here take a short walk to Mengjian Lungshan Temple, one of the oldest temples in Taiwan, dedicated to both Buddhism and Taoism, and incorporating practices and icons taken from the Chinese Folk Religion. The temple was originally built by immigrants from Fujian, China, back in 1738, but was since destroyed and rebuilt several times. It serves today as one of the city’s main temples, and a gathering place for city elders. Rising 508 meters (1,671 ft) above street level, Taipei 101 held for several years the title of the world’s tallest building and has re-reshaped the city’s skyline since its completion in 2004. Ascend to the observation deck up on the 89th floor for a stunning view over the city before heading to another one of the bustling night markets for a snack and mingling with the locals before reverting to the hotel for a second night of this Taiwan private tour.


  • Breakfast

With a very early departure of Taipei, head to the Northern Shore. This region has shaped Taiwan’s past as a mining giant and have set the foundation for the country’s later financial boom which have made it into one of the Four Asian Tigers- the lucrative club of Asia’s leading free economies. Drive along the old railway that supported the rapidly developing mining industry, and stop by a small coal mine where a museum has been set, offering a glimpse into the harsh life of early coal miners. Continue to the Gold Museum, telling the story of the chase after this precious metal. Wrap up the day at Jiufen, one of many mining towns that has been deserted when the mining industry crumbled, but now enjoy a late bloom due to its unique landscapes, retro vibe, and clean air. Walk the old alleys of Jiufen, visit the local market and other sites that still depict the life back in the heydays. Late in the afternoon take the short drive to Pingxi to join the thousands of people gathering here once a year to celebrate the Sky Lantern Festival, releasing lanterns in hope for success, good health and prosperity. With the sky filled up with lighten lantern, this is a once-in-a-lifetime sight, and an event not to be missed on any Taiwan private tour. Late in the evening take to the very simple guesthouse in Jiufen and spend here the night.


  • Breakfast

In the morning hours take the 25 minutes’ walk (one-way) to Jiufen Waterfall, affectionately dubbed as the ‘Little Niagara of Taiwan’. Walk back to Jiufen, and after the refreshing morning walk leave Jiufen and drive to Yehliu Geopark, made of unique sedimentary rock formations, beautifully shaped by waves powerfully crashing over the shore. From here take to a small fishing town and visit the small fish market. At the afternoon head back to Taipei for a third and last night on this Taiwan private tour in the Taiwanese capital.


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

From Taipei drive to Taroko Gorge. Located in the north-east part of the island’s backbone ridge, Taroko Gorge National Park is known as one of the island’s most scenic areas, offering plenty of hiking trails along the Leewoo Ho River and its tributary. Upon arrival in the park visit the Eternal Spring Shrine, the Qingshui Cliff, and take a walk along Baiyang trail to the Water Curtain Cave. In the evening hours check in the hotel in the heart of the national park.


  • Breakfast

Depart Taroko, and drive along the island’s main mountain range, commonly referred to as the island’s backbone, as it runs all the way from north to south, dividing the country into two separate regions that are connected only by few roads which cross the mountain range (and are shut from time to time due to harsh weather conditions). Stop at the foot of He Hua Shan, The Mountain of Harmonic Joy, for a rather challenging hike to its peak for a view over the surroundings and the mighty mountain range. Revert to the car and pause for a view over the Jade Peak (Yu Shan), Taiwan’s highest peak at 3,952 meters (12,966 ft) above sea level. At the afternoon arrive at the shores of Sun-Moon Lake and stop for a visit at the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple. Wen Wu temples, dedicated to both civil and military gods are rather rare throughout Chinese influenced cultures, but were popular praying venues for those attending the Imperial Exams back in the day, as the exams were taken for both civil and military positions. This is a rather new temple, built in 1938 following the construction of a dam by the Japanese in 1919, flooding the sites at which two old temples were set. The two temples have been then relocated to the place where now stands the current temple. From here drive to the hotel on the lake’s shores.


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

The Sun Moon Lake region is famed for its green tea. After breakfast leave the hotel for a hike along tea plantations perched on the mountain slope, to enjoy the serene landscape and beautiful views. Continue for another short hike to Ci En Pagoda, built by Chiang Kai-Shek in honor of his mother. From the top of the pagoda enjoy the view over the lake and mountains surrounding it. Then hop back in the car and continue driving along the main mountain range south, to Alishan Forest. This ancient forest was heavily exploited by Japanese during the time of occupation. Heavy logs were harvested and shipped to Japan to build temples and other wooden structures. However, the forest still boasts some very impressive trees hundreds of years old. Arrive in Alishan National Scenic Area, and if time allows, take a first walk through the mysterious forest before checking in the hotel for the night.


  • Breakfast

With a very early morning call, head to the train station. Here, on a railway built by the Japanese to support the logging industry, ride to a high vantage point to observe the sunrise. Stand high above the sea of clouds that covers the valleys just beneath, and wait for the first rays of sun to appear over the horizon. Then take a 45-minutes’ walk back to the hotel, and after breakfast, take a hike through the beautiful pine forest Alsihan is so famous for. Along the way stop by hundreds of years old trees, beautiful ponds, and ancient temples. In the afternoon board a vehicle and drive to the train station to board the bullet train which travels in speeds of up to 300 km/h to Taoyuan Airport. Arrive at the airport in the evening, and transfer to a hotel by the airport, for a last night on this Taiwan private tour.


  • Breakfast

After breakfast take the hotel’s shuttle bus to the airport, to wrap up Taiwan private tour and board the departing flight out of Taiwan.

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Dates & Pricing

Taiwan private tour rates are quoted in US Dollars and are valid for two confirmed travelers and above.

[email protected] reserves the right to change Taiwan private tour rates and programs due to changes in flight schedule, changes in airfares, and other local circumstances.

Prices are based on twin share occupancy.

Discounted rates for groups of 4 travelers and above:
4 travelers- US$2332/ person
6 travelers- US$2159/ person
8 travelers- US$2057/ person

  • Applicable only for travel groups of 4 people or more booking their trip together.

24th February, 2021–4th March, 2021

  • $3,349 Per Person (From 2 people)
  • $969 Single Room Supplement

Additional Information

  • Accommodation at selected hotels
  • Local English speaking guide-driver
  • Transfer by private A/C vehicle
  • One way HSR ticket from Jiayi to Taoyuan
  • Meals as indicated in the program
  • All admission fees

  • International flight to/from Taipei
  • Travel insurance
  • Taiwanese tourist visa
  • Excess luggage
  • Gratuities
  • Expenses of personal nature (food and drinks beyond those provided, laundry, etc.)
  • Anything not clearly mentioned in the program

  • Taipei- S-Aura 4-star
  • Jiufen- Something Easy Guest House
  • Taroko- Silks Place 5-star
  • Sun-Moon Lake- Fuli Hot Spring Hotel 4-star
  • Alishan- Alishan House 4-star
  • Taoyuan Airport- Novotel 5-star

Note: the listed hotels are tentative. Final hotel list shall be confirmed upon placing a booking and paying a deposit.

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