China Family Tour

China Family Tour


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17 Days
2 Flights
Child friendly

China is a fantastic family tour destination, offering something to travelers of all ages. From world-class theme parks through grandiose monuments, on-hand rural experiences, and some of the world’s best museums, China never seizes to surprise!

Understanding that a family tour is not just about sightseeing, this meticulously designed China family tour is packed with family quality time, fun activities, and experiences that go beyond the obvious. We have included fun games and theme parks, but also museums and temples, to connect with the country’s rich history and culture. The tour consists of few cooking classes that are meant not just to broaden one’s culinary horizons but also as a means of fun family activity. It also includes a full day in rural China, for the family to have a hands-on experience with Chinese village life, and even working with real pandas! Wrap it all up with a memorable day at Shanghai Disneyland for a top-of-the-line entertainment to all!




Arrive in Beijing, the fascinating and vibrating city of new and old and the beating heart of Chinese culture and sovereignty since the mid-13th century. After landing and going through the unavoidable immigration formalities, meet the local guide and drive to the hotel in the city center. If time permits, pay a visit to the bustling Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike, and a place to taste some local delicacies at the food market nestled right behind some of the world’s largest shopping malls. In the evening, revert to the hotel for the first night in Beijing.


  • Breakfast

The activities for the day are very much a China family tour surprise, and thus, are kept secret. What we can reveal is that it will be a day packed with action and fun, exploring some of the city’s most significant monuments in a way suited for travelers of all ages. Wrap this exciting day with a breathtaking display of Chinese Kung Fu performed by monks of the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Kung Fu.


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

After yesterday’s Kung Fu Show, begin the day at a local Kung Fu school to learn and practice some of the basics of this martial art that is said to be practiced in China for more than 2000 years. From here, take to Sony ExploraScience, built by the Sony corporation. It is aimed at providing hands-on experience with modern science and highlighting the connection between fundamental physics and advanced technology. Back to more traditional settings, drive to the Summer Palace, an elaborate complex of gardens and beautiful ancient palaces that served as a refuge for the imperial family during hot summer days. This is a great place to learn about Chinese history, and let the kids run around and blow off some steam. Return to the heart of old Beijing for a tour by rickshaws through the Hutongs- the old neighborhoods where mandarins and others serving in the imperial courts once resided. This is an excellent opportunity to have a glimpse into the lives of common Beijingers. End the tour with a dinner at a home of a local family, to enjoy the local cuisine, and enjoy a relaxed conversation with the hosts.


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Begin the day by joining a local chef on a morning tour through a fresh produce market, to learn from him about the unique ingredients used in local cuisine. Pick some products and head to the chef’s restaurant for a few hours of Chinese cooking class to learn some local cooking techniques and recipes. At the course’s end, enjoy the self-made lunch. From here, drive to the Great Wall of China, probably the best-known Chinese monument to the people of the west, and a great source of pride to the Chinese people. Take a cable car up for a walk along the wall, stopping by guard towers and learning about the history of this gigantic structure traversing towering peaks and deep valleys. In the evening, revert to the hotel for a fourth and last night in Beijing.


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Check-out the hotel and drive to the train station for a lightning-fast journey, riding a bullet train from the now-days Chinese capital to the very first imperial capital- Xian. Here was the seat of the First Qin Emperor, the first ruler to unify the warring states of now-days China in the 3rd century BC. The city, back then known as Chang’an (the place of eternal peace), has served as the imperial capital of many following dynasties, and as such, was left with impressive relics reflecting on the grandeur of the city and the civilizations ruling it. Once disembarking the train, meet the local guide and head directly to the best-known site of town- The Terracotta Army Site. This site reveals the story of the Emperor that ordered his entire army to be killed so they could accompany him upon his journey back to Heaven. It is said that one of his advisors convinced him to build an army made out of clay rather than ordering the slaughter of his army. Thus this site of enormous magnitude was erected as a part of an even larger burial site spanning over 98 square kilometers (38 square miles). Interestingly, each figure is uniquely shaped, and there are no two identical terracotta soldiers throughout the complex. After exploring the site, drive to the Tang Paradise, a vast recreational park depicting life during the time of the Tang Dynasty, the last dynasty to rule the country from Xian. The Tang is considered as one of the Golden Age dynasties, which left a prominent mark on Chinese art, culture, and philosophy. Roam the vast gardens, pause by buildings built in traditional Tang style, and watch live shows taking place throughout the vast complex. Wrap the day with noodles dinner, a dish synonymous with the city of Xian, before setting in the hotel for the night.


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Another day full of China family tour surprises to reveal the secrets of ancient Xian in a family-friendly manner. There is not much we can disclose as to the day’s activities, but we can tell it involves educational activities, hands-on experiences, and an explosion of tastes ending with a dumpling dinner- another dish famous for Xian. At the end of the busy day, revert to the hotel for a second night in Xian.


  • Breakfast

Leave the hotel and drive to the Xian train station for a bullet train ride to the city of Chengdu. Affectionately dubbed as ‘the pantry of China’, Chengdu and the fertile lands surrounding it served as the food production center of China for centuries. Upon arrival in Chengdu, and after meeting the local guide, drive to the hotel in the city center. Spend the afternoon walking through the old part of town and strolling through People’s Park, a great place to mingle with the locals coming to enjoy an afternoon at ease at the end of a workday.


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Drive out of Chengdu to Dujiangyuan Giant Panda Base. This research and breeding center is one of the best-known wildlife rehabilitation centers in the world. It is focused on saving the Giant Panda, the endangered species turned into the symbol of worldwide wildlife protection. But today’s visit to the Panda Base is not all about recreation, but for work. Spend a few hours taking care of the Pandas, cleaning their cages, prepare their favorite meal, and get to spend time around these cuddly animals. In the afternoon, leave the Panda Base, and drive to the nearby Qingcheng Mountain, considered as the birthplace of Daoism. Visit here a Dao Temple and meet a local monk for a free conversation over the core of Daoism. Enjoy a vegetarian lunch, and attend a short display of Tai Chi performed by one of the monks residing in the temple before heading back to Chengdu. Again in the big city, attend a show of Sichuan Opera. As intimidating as Chinese Opera show might sound, especially for kids, the Sichuan Opera, also known as the Face Changing Opera, is a fantastic display of trickery, in which performers are changing the masks they are wearing at unbelievable speed and skill, leaving the crowd amazed. At the end of the show, drive to the hotel for a second and last night in Chengdu.


  • Breakfast

Check-out the hotel, and drive to Huanglongxi Ancient Town. Dating back to the Qing Dynasty era, the town has retained its historic ambiance with ancient houses, temples, and well over 1000 years old banyan trees. Stroll along the ancient streets and the running stream, visit local homes, and enjoy a morning in leisure before heading to Chengdu airport. En route, pause by the ancient teahouse in Peng Zhen, a living testimony to the old teahouse tradition of Sichuan province, through which the ancient Tea and Horses Road has traversed. Visiting Peng Zhen teahouse is a real journey back in time, to days when teahouses served as a place of communal gatherings. The teahouse in Peng Zhen retains this ambiance that is quickly disappearing with modernization and advancement. Arrive at the airport and take the flight to Guilin, a city so beautiful that an old poet once said that “it is better to visit Guilin once in a lifetime than to be an angel in heaven.” Land in Guilin, meet the local guide, and if time permits, enjoy a lovely evening cruise over the Four Lakes in the heart of the city.


From the hotel, take a short walk to the Elephant Trunk Hill nestled on the bank of the Li (crystal) River. Uniquely and naturally shaped, apt to its name, this hill has become the city’s trademark. Drive out of town to the Reed Flute Cave. This beautiful cave of stalactites and stalagmites sheltered local refugees fleeing the purges of the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Continue driving towards Longsheng Rice Terraces, probably one of the most scenic regions in the entire country. Here, amid villages inhabited by the Zhuang and Red Yao people, the mountain slopes have been meticulously carved, forming mesmerizing terraces that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Before climbing deep into the mountains, stop for a brief show of the Zhuang ladies, proudly displaying their long hair that is being cut only once in their lifetime. After the short demonstration, continue driving up the mountain to the village of Ping’an. Leaving the car behind, take a 45-minutes’ walk through the village narrow staircases and alleys to the hotel located at the heart of the rice terraces. If time permits, take the first walk along rice paddies to indulge in the breathtaking view over the Dragon’s Back Mountain.


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Spend the entire day at the heart of the terraces. Take a leisurely hike along the rice paddies to a nearby Zhuang village, for a unique off-the-beaten-path exposure to rural life in China, and the ancient traditions of the Zhuang people. Activities of the day would vary depending on the season but would include attending the fields, cooking and eating with the family, possibly visiting the local school, and spend time engaging with the locals and learn about and experience their everyday life. In the afternoon, take a battery car tour to some of the best viewing spots over the terraces before reverting to the hotel for a second night amid rice paddies.


  • Breakfast

Check-out the hotel and take a walk back to the car parking to embark on a drive through Guangxi province rural area towards Yangshuo. En route stop for a climb atop Xianggong Hill to enjoy the view over the great bend of the Li River amid the beautiful karst hills the area is so famous for. This is an excellent prolog for a visit to the region so famously known for its unique landscape. Arrive in the afternoon at Yangshuo, the jewel in the crown of the Guilin area. Head directly to the Yulong River, and take a cycling trip (or, for those not cycling, a light hike) along the promenade running between the Yulong and local villages. Get off the bike and hop aboard small rafts for a cruise over the Yulong River with beautiful karst peaks at its backdrop. Revert to Yangshuo and attend the Yangshuo Impressions night show. This show, directed by the famous Zhang Yimou, the director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, is a real jaw-dropping performance, with more than 400 performers running a show of dance, songs, and well-synchronized light display performed over the Li River.


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

In the morning hours, take to Yangshuo Park. Here, people of all ages gather to practice all sorts of recreational activities like group dancing and Tai Chi. Join the crowd, and with the instructions of a local Tai Chi master, enjoy a Tai Chi class for a basic understanding of what Tai Chi is all about. Then take to the fresh produce market to get acquainted with the vegetables and fruits typical to the region. Drive to a nearby village for a few-hours’ cooking class. Enjoy the self-made lunch and drive back to Yangshuo for an afternoon in leisure at West Street, the town’s main street. Stroll along hundreds of local shops offering anything from souvenirs to mouthwatering local food. As the day drifts away, the street is beautifully lit, turning into one massive party of people that come to celebrate, eat, and enjoy an evening of joy. In the evening, revert to the hotel for a second and last night in Yangshuo.


  • Breakfast

Leave Yangshuo and drive directly to Guilin airport for the late morning flight to Shanghai. Once a mere fishing village at the Yangtze River estuary, it has grown to be China’s biggest city and international business and financial hub. Being the first city in China in which foreigners could work and reside, following the Opium Wars, Shanghai seeing constant and rapid development, resulting in the beautiful fusion of traditional and modern architecture. After landing in Shanghai and meeting the local guide, drive to the hotel in the city center. In the afternoon, visit two areas that very much reflect the new Shanghai spirit. Xintiandi features a fusion between modern architecture and traditional Shikumen houses, built for rich Chinese fleeing to the French-controlled area of Shanghai during the Taiping revolution. Today this is a buzzing street of shops, trendy cafes, and glitzy restaurants. Tianzifang is another trendy area of the former French Concession. A labyrinth through Shanghai longtangs (old alleys), made of traditional houses of the late 19th century, this is the artsy part of town with art galleries and fashionable cafes, and the place of choice for both locals and foreign residents to enjoy a night out. After walking through the lanes of Xintiandi and Tianzifang, attend a fantastic Chinese Acrobatics show, featuring the highest level of traditional and modern Chinese acrobatics. At the end of the show, drive to the hotel for a first night in Shanghai.


  • Breakfast

This time it’s Shanghai’s turn to keep its China family tour surprise. Enjoy a day of family fun activities, involving exploring the old and new areas of Shanghai. Not much can be told of today’s plans other than it would take deep below ground and very high above. It would take to some older sites of town as well as ultra-modern ones, and tell the story of the development of Shanghai from the 16th century to these very days. Wrap up this exciting day with a lovely cruise over the Huang Pu River, separating old Shanghai from Pudong district, the newly built part of town. From the boat’s deck, enjoy the city’s skyline, for which Shanghai is often dubbed as ‘Vegas of the East’.


  • Breakfast

Enjoy a full day of Disney created wonders for an excellent ending of a fantastic China family tour. In the evening, revert to the hotel in the city center for the last night in Shanghai and the last night of this memorable China family tour.


  • Breakfast

Check-out the hotel, and drive to the airport to end your China family tour, say farewell to the local guide, and board the international flight out of China.

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China family tour rates are quoted in US Dollars and are valid for two confirmed travelers and above.

Note: China family tour rates are valid all year round, but are not valid for trips that occur (in whole, or in part) during Chinese national holidays:
New Year (1-3 Jan 2021)
Chinese Spring Festival (11-17 Feb 2021)
Qingming Festival (4-6 Apr 2020, 2-4 Apr 2021)
Labor Day Holiday (1-5 May 2020, 28 Apr-2 May 2021)
Dragon Boat Festival (25-27 Jun 2020, 12-14 Jun 2021)
Mid-Autumn Festival (19-21 Sep 2021)
National Day Holiday (1-8 Oct 2020, 1-7 Oct 2021)

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4 travelers- US$3777/ person
6 travelers- US$3535/ person
8 travelers- US$3356/ person

  • Applicable only for travel groups of 4 people or more booking their trip together.

Discount for children under 12 years old: US$200

15th July, 2021–31st July, 2021

  • $4,732 Per Person (From 2 people)
  • $1,133 Single Room Supplement

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