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Our Team

Our team is made of passionate travel enthusiasts who share one common theme, going to work is a chore full of joy. We all feel as if designing a trip from scratch is much like cooking a gourmet dish, you have to use only the best ingredients, use fine binding materials, add spices to you liking, mix, and let it rest for the night. And like a good chef, we understand that listening to your clients and making some touch-ups to meet their expectations and ever-changing tastes, is the most essential part of keeping them happy.

The Jump

Ron Oren

Back in early 1999, Ron packed his bag and went on a year-long trip throughout Asia and the Pacific. At the end of the year Ron found himself in Mongolia, hating the idea of returning to his ordinary life, getting a regular day job and owning more than he could fit into his backpack. He followed his heart (and ignored his reason), and made Mongolia his home. First establishing Mongolian Ways, a business which as its name suggests, operated trips throughout Mongolia. However Ron dreamed even bigger, and in 2004 was running trips across East Asia. Even now Ron still often joins his clients on the off-the-beaten-track trips through East Asia, climbing the mountains of Japan, swimming through the caves of Vietnam, participating in Shamanic ceremonies in Mongolia, conquering the peaks of Bhutan and Nepal, and getting to know the region ever more intimately.


Li Yongsheng (Teddy)

Teddy has been working with us since his graduation in 2010. A passionate traveler by nature, Teddy is a keen hiker and loves to cycle wherever he travels. Teddy’s passion is reflected throughout all our trips to China. From uniquely designed trips catering to special interests, all the way to the better known tour routes, and adding to these personal touches and a bit of spice. On top of his enjoyment from designing and overseeing our trips in China, Teddy just loves to interact and learn from our travelers, providing him with insight into different cultures and perspectives about life and travel. Want Teddy to put for you together an amazing China experience? Email Teddy now at China(at) Teddy is waiting to hear from you.


Aloun Sisane (Jenny)

Aloun Sisane, commonly known simply as 'Jenny' running our office in Laos. Here is what Jenny have to say about what keep her in business:
"I Love travelling because it makes me happy. I simply love to discover new places and try and enjoy the local specialties. This way I get to learn new things in life and gain new knowledge.Many times, you come across people or cities that you find strange.
But that is what makes travel fun. I always carry my camera whenever I'm traveling because it helps me get some great memories back home. It is a great way to share my experiences with others.
I wish to travel the entire world in my lifetime."



First joined the company as a trainee guide in 2007, Tsoggy since managed to put together an impressive resume. Completing his bachelor’s degree in Mongolia, he then completed his Business Master’s degree in Taiwan. After working for one of Mongolia’s biggest banks, he decided to combine his passion to traveling with his profession, and is today a fundamental part of the company’s rapid growth, developing new and exciting travel experiences, and make sure the entire world would know of these.



Started working as a tour guide with us in 2014, Amina has developed to be one of the leading tour guides. With her vast knowledge of history, religion, culture, lifestyle and geology, she leads not only trips but also manages office tasks, ensuring trip operations and procedures are organized by confirming reservations and dealing with venue managers.


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