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Tours in Bhutan

Tours in Bhutan

A tour to Bhutan is a journey to a country that isolated itself from the rest of the world until the late 20th century. Television and the Internet arrived in Bhutan only in 1999, exposing the public to a world beyond the Himalayas for the very first time. Before that, Bhutanese people had mainly associated with the inhabitants of India and Tibet's bordering provinces, who shared similar livelihood and beliefs.

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Although tourism started in Bhutan as early as 1974, the central government has been limiting the number of annual visitors to keep the influence of foreign cultures at bay. Placing strict entry requirements like a minimum daily tariff, authorities prevented backpackers and other "free-spirited travelers" from wandering independently and impacting the locals and their culture. Bhutan had also never been invaded or colonized and remained free from western influence. Thus, in Bhutan, travelers can expect to witness a most traditional lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, Buddhism in Bhutan is not just a religion but a way of life.

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Every trip to this Himalayan country is based on visits to monasteries and Dzongs (fortresses). Despite their remarkable architecture, these sites often serve only as a mere excuse to enjoy pristine nature and take a stroll through serene villages along the way. For centuries, Bhutanese have treasured nature, looking upon it as the source of all life. This traditional reverence has delivered Bhutan into the 21st century, with its environment still mostly intact. Its constitution mandates that at least 60 percent of the country should be under forest cover, allowing Bhutan to become the world's only carbon-negative country.

Tours in Bhutan

For the traveler, that means fresh air, pollution-free skies, and stunning greenery extending as far as the eyes can see.


Our Bhutan private tours form an excellent way to explore this little-known country, indulge in its unique culture, and take in the unique ambiance that exist only here, at the foot of the mighty Himalaya.



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