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Tours in Korea

Tours in Korea

A tour to South Korea is a journey to a country that had transitioned itself from an aid recipient to a manufacturing powerhouse in less than one generation, despite having limited natural resources and overpopulation. In any part of the world, you can easily find someone using Korean manufactured smartphones, TVs, computers, or cars.

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In the last decade, South Korean pop culture has also been spreading around the globe like wildfire, seen in everything from Korean dramas on Netflix to Korean skincare products dominating the cosmetics industry to Korean kimchi in your local market. K-pop alone - a short name for Korean pop music - is now a billion-dollar industry, thanks to its addictive melodies, sleek choreography, and attractive artists who had spent years in studios learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection. The Chinese refer to this phenomenal growth of Korean culture as Hallyu or Korean Wave. That being the case, in South Korea, travelers expect to witness ultramodern cities replete with skyscrapers, neon lights, and advanced infrastructure that even Westerners would envy. But only a few know that beyond its bustling cities lie the rural villages that seem as if the accelerated developments of the country have passed them over.

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In South Korea, there is a shocking contrast between its urban society, where life revolves around a cutthroat competition to succeed, and its rural areas, where communities work cooperatively to prosper. By default, most tours do not extensively take travelers outside the capital of Seoul, the beach town of Busan, and the picturesque Jeju Island. Our tours to South Korea, however, strives to combine a bit of everything - an impression of the urban settings, a getaway to mountain sceneries, a taste of traditional cuisine, an encounter with local communities, and an exposure to the country’s past through various historical sites and religious temples.


Our Korea tour packages feature the best Korea has to offer- tours in spring to enjoy the breathtaking cherry blossom, or tours in autumn to admire forests stand in red, yellow and fifty shades of brown.

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