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Safety & security in Mongolia

Safety & security

Mongolia is probably one of the safest places on earth. Even during the collapse of the communist regime, Mongolia’s revolution was a peaceful one. In the city, if you go out at night, we recommend you take a taxi unless you are staying in the central part of town, due to an increase in public drunkenness. In very crowded areas, including the Black Market and the Naadam festivities, there are a lot of pickpockets, so it is better not to carry non-essential valuables and to put your cash in a money belt or pouch inside the waistband of your trousers or in a zipped inside pocket. Violence is rare, except in and around inexpensive bars where you should not venture unless you are in the company of Mongolians who know the establishments well.


Yes, travel in Mongolia is demanding, and the infrastructure and services are often poor. We prefer to prepare you for the worst possible conditions and have you be pleasantly surprised than to downplay the difficulties of travel. Some of our trips offer a greater degree of comfort and better facilities than others. If you have any doubts about whether you will enjoy the conditions of travel or the quality of accommodation, restaurants and transportation, consult us and we will give you unbiased advice about whether our trips are right for you. We cannot make a general recommendation, as we have had clients of under 10 years old and over 80 years of age join many of our challenging trips, and they have unreservedly enjoyed the experience. If you are eager for new and unusual experiences and are reasonably fit, then almost any of our adventures will be a unique experience, whatever your age. If you have already traveled to less developed parts of the world, you will know what to expect. Again, please ask for our advice. We would rather have you decline to travel with us than you be unhappy on the trip.

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We will provide you with bottled or purified drinking water throughout your trip. We recommend avoiding drinking tap water in Ulaanbaatar, due to the age and condition of the piping system. In the countryside, we would also advise you not to drink from streams, lakes and other water sources, as very often livestock graze nearby and contaminate the water with feces.

Mongolia safety

The local diet is based on meat during the winter and milk products during the summer. Mongolians also eat a lot of dishes made with rice, noodles or dough of some sort. Meat is almost always well-cooked, and most of the milk is pasteurised during the production process. If you have any doubts, consult your guide. Local food tends to be greasy or fatty and, although root vegetables are common, you will encounter few greens or fruits. The most commonly experienced stomach disorder is slight constipation, rather than diarrhea. If you regularly eat lots of fibre, we recommend that you bring a powdered fibre drink or similar with you as a supplement.

Mongolia safety & security

Safety & security is our main priority when we plan and prepare the itinerary of each trip, and we have contingency plans for bad weather, vehicle breakdowns, and other unexpected events. Our senior office staff have many years of experience in leading expeditions to remote places and have traveled independently throughout Mongolia in all weather conditions. At all times, our staff are available to resolve problems and assist in emergency situations, and will work with your guide or trip leader to ensure that timely and full assistance is given in the event of an emergency.


We specialize in providing custom Mongolia private tours. If you have any question regarding our Mongolia private tours, please send us a message and we'll be happy to address any question or concern.



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