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Safety & security in China

Safety & security

Yes, China is a relatively safe country. The Chinese government has a strict policy on crimes, especially those against foreigners. This policy is aimed at both Chinese nationals committing a crime against a foreigner, as well as turning a blind eye to minor offenses committed unknowingly by foreigners. Do bear in mind that merchants shall often try to take advantage of foreigners’ inexperience and charge an unfair price. Still, as is the case with every deal, there is always one party trying to sell at the highest possible price while the other party doubting if the price is right for them. Our advice in this regard is one - accept this fact as part of the travel experience. Decide upfront how much you are willing to pay for a specific item or service, and as long as you are within your budget range, this is likely to end up being a win-win situation. Market areas or crowded tourist sites are pickpockets’ haven! We strongly recommend you leave all non-essential valuables at the hotel’s safe and carry only local currency at the amount you are willing to lose. You might also carry your credit card, so in case you run out of local currency, you can withdraw some more cash- ATM’s are widely available, including in markets.

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As a general statement, a tour to China should not pose any significant physical challenges. It would fit any curious traveler who is willing to make some compromises and amends for the duration of the tour. China offers plenty of experiences on all levels for those open to experiencing different types of food, stay at hotels of all sorts, endure some rather long driving days, and getting around a local population of nearly 1.4 billion with very few that speak any foreign language. If you have traveled before to Asian countries, you shall have a good idea of what to expect. We once again remind you that should you have any concerns about whether any of our tours would fit you, we would happily address these, with the understanding that more you would know about the tour or the destination, more likely you are to choose the right tour for you.

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In general, we highly recommend avoiding drinking tap water. Some hotel rooms have a sign stating the water is adequately treated and are safe to drink, and, in this case, it is your decision whether to do so. If the water is not purified, the hotels usually provide one or two complimentary bottles of water in the room. We will provide you with drinking water daily. If you run out of drinking water, just ask our staff, and they will be happy to help you purchase some more. Bottled water is very cheap and available everywhere, even in the remotest villages.

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Absolutely! In the West, we consider all dishes served in Chinese restaurants simply as Chinese food. Unlike in most overseas Chinese restaurants, where most dishes are stir-fried, most Mainland Chinese food is boiled, steamed, braised, or baked. There are 8 primary culinary schools in China, and each one of these differs in ingredients, in methods of cooking, in spice level, and in taste. Tastes of Chinese food are traditionally categorized into five flavors: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter. Over China’s vast territory, the flavors of cuisine vary from one region to another, and usually one or two of the five flavors dominate. By following simple safety rules, such as eating in clean restaurants, dining in China can become yet another fascinating part of your tour.

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Trips@Asia strives to make adventure travel as safe as is practically possible. Safety is a top priority when we plan and prepare the itinerary for each trip. Our office staff members have many years of experience in leading expeditions to remote places. At all times, our staff is available to resolve problems and assist in emergency situations. They will work with your guide or trip leader to ensure that timely and full assistance is given in the event of an emergency.


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