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Tours in Mongolia

Tours in Mongolia

Tours in Mongolia vary greatly depending on the objective. Some tours are designed to cover a lot of ground - if you like off-road adventures and want to see the most of Mongolia that you can in a short time, these are for you. Other tours focus on specific interests, such as trekking, wildlife watching, or participating in cultural events and nomadic life. These tours move at a slower pace and you have more time to explore, experience your surroundings, and get to know local people.

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Mongolia offers fantastic camping possibilities in beautiful landscapes, and often the places we visit will have no Ger camps or local hotels. We provide our guests with high-quality tents on all our camping trips. On treks or kayaking trips, where equipment must be carried by pack animals or boat, the camps will be expedition style. No formal toilet or shower facilities will be available. You will use a field toilet, and we will provide you with water for washing up. Please note that you will need to bring a sleeping bag and mattress if camping is included in your trip.

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If you have selected one of our fixed departures, you will be staying at least one night with a nomadic family. This gives you a chance to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people. If the group is small, we may stay in the family’s gers, using our mattresses and sleeping bags. If our group is larger, we will set up our tents next to the family’s ger so we have more room to spread out. Most nomadic families do not have formal toilets in their summer camps, so the most you can expect to find is a designated toilet trench that may be screened on three sides. No showering facilities will be available. Nomads wash in basins in their gers, or in a nearby river in warm weather.

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Travel to Mongolia does not suit everyone. Mongolia is underdeveloped, the Mongolian diet is very different from what we are used to eating in the west, and the lodging facilities are more basic than in other travel destinations in the region. Journeys can be long and rough, and the Mongolian attitude towards service is very different from our expectations in the west. Mongolia is for the curious, the patient, for those who can laugh at adversity and who accept that life just happens differently here.


Our Mongolia tours offer a variety of activities to meet the taste and needs of each of our travelers. These include trekking, horse and camel riding, home and monastery stay, overland and cultural tours, and winter tours for family and friends. Choose one of our Mongolia vacation packages for your once-in-lifetime experience in the land of blue sky.



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