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Bhutan Private Tour – Get an Opportunity to Feel the Beauty of Bhutan

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Known as the ‘happiest country in the world,’ Bhutan is easily a must-see destination in Asia where you can get to know the Tibetan culture and immerse yourself in it. It’s best experienced through a Bhutan private tour, which will take you through the country’s varied landscape while letting you discover and enjoy the places and experiences you want. Part of the perks of the added privacy are your own transportation and a personal guide, as well as planned meals throughout your trip, so you don’t have to worry about anything and all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Bhutanese Delights, Bhutan Private Tour

Bhutan is a landlocked country that stretches between the Himalayan southern slopes in the north and the savannas and grasslands in the south. Amidst those two areas are distinctive highlands, which are divided into valleys where most of the population lives. During your Bhutan private tour, you are likely to traverse the long parallel road, which crosses the nation from east to west. It also winds along the valleys and connects to elevated mountain passes.

Bhutanese Delights, Bhutan Private Tour

The Dzongs are among the top attractions in the country, so it’s only natural for them to be part of your Bhutan private tour. These are fortified monasteries, which are still being used as civil service and religious centers. Apart from being incredible landmarks, the Dzongs serve as a testament to the country’s feudal system, which went on until the middle of the 20th century. Bhutan has been isolated for centuries, which contributed to the very traditional lifestyle and society in the country, so you are likely to find the locals to be highly religious, with most of the population relying on agriculture for livelihood.

Bhutanese Delights, Bhutan Private Tour

Now is a great time to discover the country through a Bhutan private tour as it slowly opens up to visitors. We specialize in arranging Bhutan private tours, so you can avoid the guesswork involved in getting in and getting around.

Bhutanese Delights | Bhutan Private Tour

Bhutan is a secluded and mysterious kingdom hidden up amidst the Himalayas’ towering peaks. This exciting Bhutan private tour takes through some of the kingdom’s most intriguing sites for an in-depth exploration of the country’s history, traditions, and unique natural features. The trip is perfectly scheduled to attend the annual Gangtey Festival and experience the purest form of traditional Buddhist ceremonies taking place through a buzzing country-fair.

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