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Mongolia Vacation Packages – Be Captivated by the Beauty of Mongolia

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Mongolia Vacation Packages – Be Captivated by the Beauty of Mongolia

As the landlocked country opens up to the world, Mongolia is attracting more and more people to its beauty and uniqueness. There are various Mongolia vacation packages that promote the colorful culture and distinct way of life of the nomads. A trip to this country is surely worth investing in. If you are pondering what experiences you will enjoy when you visit, then take a look at the following popular Mongolia vacation packages.

Lake Khovsgol trekking tour

At 1,564,116 square kilometers of land without any ocean, Mongolia surely has a lot of promising adventures to offer to beginner and experienced hikers. Among the most popular is the Lake Khovsgol trekking tour, a beautiful national park known for having the 2nd largest freshwater lake on the Asian continent. The tour is designed for experienced trekkers as it lasts for eight to 10 days, depending on the route. You will not be on foot all the time because you can enjoy some horseback ridingbetweentreks. This adventure not only lets you see the stunning landscapes and mountain ranges, but also encounter hospitable nomads and minorities along the way.

Golden Eagle Festival Tour

This Mongolia vacation package is definitely one of the favorites because it is only offered once a year. The theme of the tour revolves around the annual celebration of Golden Eagle Festival, which gathers trainers and eagle hunters from different parts of the country in a two-day competition. Aside from witnessing how trainers and hunters compete in catching small animals like foxes and hares, tourists also love watching traditional parades and concerts that celebrate the country's heritage.

Nadaam Festival Tour

If you are visiting in the month of July, then the best Mongolia vacation package for you will be the Nadaam Festival Tour. It is also an annual event but much bigger than the Golden Eagle Festival because it is a nationwide holiday. Although, the biggest and grandest Nadaam festival is held in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Usually, tour packages also include trips to nearby destinations such as KhustaiinNuruu SPA, ElsiinTasarkai, and Orkhon Valley.


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