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Korea Private Tours – Interesting Facts about Korea

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Whether it’s your first or nth time visiting South Korea, you may want to experience the country in a more intimate way with a private tour. Korea private tours are popular with discerning travelers looking to travel more comfortably without the stress. Traveling this way will give you more opportunities to immerse yourself into the amazing culture through personalized activities and the places you want to see and experience, without the uninteresting stops. Moreover, it will give you more control over what to see and do, whether you’re traveling alone, with a small group, or with a special someone.

Personalized Korea private tours will provide a more intimate way to know and experience these interesting facts for you:

  • Cherry blossom season – Cherry blossoms have long been associated with Japan, but you can also experience them in South Korea. Visit during spring around April to May and enjoy personalized walking tours while viewing the beautiful trees. Around this time, local festivals are also likely to take place and you are welcome to experience them, too.
South Korea Private Tour | Cherry Blossom
  • Autumn foliageKorean private tours from September to the start of November will give you the chance to enjoy the colorful autumn foliage as the season starts transitioning to winter. Your first day could involve a tour around Seoul, and spend the rest of the days outside of the city to observe the colors of Autumn all over the country.
South Korea Private Tour | Autumn Foliage
  • Natural features to explore – South Korea has many interesting and one-of-a-kind natural features to discover, such as Hwanseon Cave, a limestone cave that’s considered among the biggest in Asia. You could also visit the UNESCO Heritage Site of Haeinsa and the Jirisan Nature Reserve.
South Korea Private Tour | UNESCO Natural Beauty

  • South Korea and North Korea share a borderKorean private tours can be arranged to include a visit along the demilitarized zone, which stretches along the 38-degree parallel in the middle of the peninsula. It’s among the most fortified border lines in the world, and it symbolizes the growing gap, but also attempts in reconciliation between North and South.

South Korea Private Tours

Our South Korea private tours make a perfect mix of urban and natural landscapes, old and new customs, and an up-close encounters with the Korean unique culinary world.

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