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Unexpected Things for First-Time Visitors in Mongolia To Notice

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If there is any country in the world that will still surprise even the most well-travelled travelers, that’s Mongolia. So, if you are still pondering whether or not you should book a Mongolia vacation package, you better make up your mind now. This landlocked nation is slowly opening its gates to more tourists and is beginning to attract people from all over the world. Book that vacation while you can still see the untouched and preserved beauty of this part of the world.

The following unique experiences are some of the reasons why you will surely never regret taking Mongolia vacation package.

1. Eagle hunting

The ancient tradition of hunting golden eagles is still alive in Western Mongolia, deep within the Altai mountain range. Every year, the Kazakhs hold a festival where hunters from Bayan-Olgii province gather to compete against each other. It's a wonderful experience to witness the competition as the trainers show off theirs and their eagles' abilities. Of course, you will also enjoy the various folklore performances as locals dressed in their traditional outfits entertain visitors. If you took a Mongolia vacation package, then you will also be able to visit and mingle with the Kazakh families, take a tour around the province, and even join hunting trips.

2. The Naadam Festival

If you are traveling in July, then you will have the chance to celebrate Mongolia's most famous national holiday, the Naadam Festival. The best place to be during the celebration is in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Here, the grandest and the biggest opening ceremony is held at the national stadium. Wrestling matches, archery matches, horseracing, and ankle-bone-shooting are four of the main events to witness. What makes this event one-of-a-kind for most tourists is how enthusiastic the locals are. This is the time of the year when friends and families wear their best clothing, feast on food and drink, and support their athletes.

3. Outdoor camping the Mongolian way

If you are curious to know how nomads live, then travel to Mongolia. The locals will let you taste outdoor camping/living their way. You will be trekking and traveling from place to place as your horses and trucks move your things and gear from one camp to another. This will surely be one of your memorable experiences.


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