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Hiking Tours in Asia - The Best Hiking Spots in China

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Hiking Tours in Asia - The Best Hiking Spots in China

With its vast lands, China is no doubt a playground for the best hiking tours in Asia. Trekking in this country takes you to an adventure-filled and exciting discovery of natural landscapes. Not only will you be able to savor the beauty of the mountains or of the rivers and waterfalls—you'll also appreciate the ancient customs and cultural heritage of different regions in the country. Want to find out which of China's hiking spots make it to the list of the best hiking tours in Asia? Here you go:

1. Mount Hua

If you are in for something truly adventurous, then go on a hike to Mount Hua. It is located in the same province where the Terracotta Warriors are found, so, if you are exploring Xi'an, it’s easy to include this activity in your itinerary. Why is Mount Hua considered among the most terrifying hikes in the world? Because the peaks here are soaring and the paths are narrow and steep. Some trekkers are not able to complete the hike because of the difficulty. If you're brave and determined enough to finish this trek, then you will surely find the dramatic landscape views on the peak rewarding.

2. Great Wall of China

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is more popularly known as a historical attraction than a hiking destination. Many tourists are surprised that it is actually difficult to walk on the famous ruins. Most of the walls are either half-ruined or totally ruined, so be prepared. Why hike the Great Wall of China? Because it lets you discover 15 provincial regions in just about five to six hours. The wall stretches about 6259 km. It is indeed the most convenient way to see thousands of mountains and hills surrounding the wall.

3. Kanas Nature Reserve

Found in the Altai Mountains, this spectacular nature reserve is home to hundreds of gorgeous lakes. Among them is a majestic lake inside a valley named the Kanas lake. Many trekkers are lured by the idea of seeing Kanas Lake and its water, which changes its color depending on the season. Kanas Lake is also the deepest freshwater lake in the country, enveloped by snowy mountains and valley. It certainly deserves to be included in the list of the best hiking tours in Asia.


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