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When Portuguese sailors observed the island of Taiwan in the 16th century, they called it ‘Formosa,’ which means ‘beautiful island’. No words or images can best describe and prove how beautiful Taiwan really is, as it is best experienced and explored when you’re actually there. To enjoy a more immersive experience, consider booking one of those custom Taiwan private tours. That way, the itinerary can be tailored according to the activities and experiences you want.

Taiwan Private Tour, Formosa, Beautiful island

Private tours are great because they are designed exclusively for you. The more you should consider them if you are going to Taiwan, whether you are traveling alone or with some companions. Reputable providers of Taiwan private tours offer the flexibility to arrange the itinerary for your interests. This allows you to avoid the hassles associated with large tour groups, such as being at the mercy of their schedule, mingling with strangers, or visiting and experiencing attractions and activities that don’t interest you.

Taiwan Private Tour

Getting acquainted with Taiwan’s lively night markets, breathtaking nature reserves, and fascinating history can be a more pleasant and memorable experience with a private tour. That’s because you will have your own local tour guide who can share insights into the culture and history of the island in a more personal way.

Taiwan Private Tour, Night Market

One of the best times to go on one of those Taiwan private tours is in the winter, particularly in time for the Pingxl Sky Lantern Festival when the Taiwanese would release lanterns to the sky while wishing for a better year. Stay in Taiwan for nine days to tour Taipei, explore the Northern Shore, drive through Taroko Gorge, and admire the Sun-Moon Lake among other activities.


Spring is also a great time for Taiwan private tour, preferably around March to May, as well as late autumn (October to November). Winter is often less popular to tourists but it can be a good opportunity to enjoy a tour with cooler temperatures.

Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival | Taiwan Private Tour

Taiwan is a country of diverse cultures, a rich and complex history, and pristine nature. This Taiwan private tour was designed to provide an in-depth insight into all these and is perfectly timed to coincide with the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival when tens of thousands of Taiwanese come together to celebrate and fly paper lanterns in a wish for a better year to come.

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